For most people, their dogs are like their kids. When they misbehave, they easily overlook the terrible behavior and forgive their errant little puppy.

But what happens when your dog bites someone? What are the legalities of something like that? And what should you do as a dog owner?

The initial reaction can range from shock to panic when your dog bites someone. It is wise to take quick action and ensure the incident does not escalate.

You must remain calm. Even when your dog bites someone seriously, do not panic at all. Confine your dog to another room or a crater and offer first-aid to the victim. Clean out their wound thoroughly and immediately call 911. If the matter escalates to the hospital and the police, it’s wise to take legal cover.

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What does the Law Say?

Dog bite laws vary widely depending on the jurisdiction it happened. From a legal standpoint, it is wise to contact a local attorney for the best advice on what you should do if your dog bites someone.

As a general rule, however: Dog owners are liable for any damage caused by their pets. This is true even if the person was trespassing on their property at the time of the incident. Warning signs, such as ‘dog on the property,’ can help you avoid liability regarding trespassers, but you are not fully protected as the dog owner.

From the state’s perspective, dogs that bite people are a serious risk to the community. Sometimes the dog may be quarantined after the biting incident to ensure it does not bite another person.

In other cases, however, if the dog has bitten someone else before, the government will be forced to designate the dog as ‘dangerous.’ This will lead to enhanced supervision requirements for the dog, or worse still – euthanization of the animal.


What to do if Your Dog Bites Someone?

When your dog bites someone, you are tempted to panic, but it’s wise that you don’t for the sake of your dog. Here’s what you should do instead if, for example; your dog bit your neighbor;

Stay Calm and Remove Your Dog from the Stressful Situation

The most important thing is to remain calm and not start an argument, as this could lead to your dog attacking again. Remaining calm also saves everyone from additional distress.

You should remove your dog from the scene and confine them in your home or car. Make sure you secure your dog safely by a post or tree if you are out and about, and stand close to him so you can warn other people to stay away.

Seek Medical Help

When your dog bites someone, immediately call 911 services to take them to the nearest hospital and have their injury attended to.

You can offer to pay for the victim’s medical bills as an apology and to deter legal action on their part.

Swap Contact Information

Ensure you get the victim’s name, phone number, and e-mail address to send them your dog’s vaccination records. Try to interact with eyewitnesses and get their contact information, as they will provide testimonies if the matter gets taken to court.

Contact an Attorney

The matter will likely be taken to court if the situation involves an uncooperative victim or severe injuries. Preparing yourself with a lawyer when your dog bites someone is the best way to protect you and your pet.

Even if the victim does not press charges, an attorney can help compile all the documents you need to resolve the issue.

Contact Your Insurance Company

If your dog bit a neighbor on your property, contact your home insurance provider and inform them of the incident. Some insurance policies can cover medical expenses for injuries sustained on your property.


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