Have You Been a Victim of Negligence?

Effective Legal Representation Changes Lives for the Better

Do you have reason to believe that you’ve been injured or damaged as a result of someone’s negligence? Have you or a family member been the victim of death, physical injury, mental distress, or financial harm at the hands of someone who failed to exercise proper judgment or perform their ethical or professional duty?Competent legal representation from the Law Offices of Ernesto Gonzalezcan lessen your burden,restore dignity, and grant you the justice and financial restitution you deserve.

Negligence is the failure to behave with the level of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. Negligence can occur in many areas of everyday life such as:

  • A traffic accident
  • Faulty products or services
  • Mistakes by a medical professional
  • Any number of other factors or situations

Regardless of intent, such negligent actions can result in severe physical, mental and financial trauma for the victim. Whether it’s by an incompetent medical professional, a reckless driver, or a dishonest businessperson, we can all be victims of criminal negligence at any time. And if that time comes, you want the right person in your corner.

In 2009, Ernesto Gonzalez had a vision – to provide passionate and compassionate legal counsel to help individuals and their families get back on their feet after enduring a wrongful death or personal injury.Since then, it has been our pride and honor to serve Orlando and Central Florida community. An experienced trial attorney and a graduate of American University Washington College of Law, Ernesto Gonzalez has developed a reputation for actively and enthusiastically litigating to protect his clients’ rights in the courtroom.

Whether you have tragically lost a loved one in a negligent accident, suffered permanent and debilitating mental and physical injury or been the victim of wrongful business practices, you deserve answers and you deserve justice. Ernesto Gonzalez has the experience you need to secure financial recovery and facilitate healing and closure for you and your family. No matter who you are, we remain committed to giving you exceptional legal representation while restoring and preserving your dignity and privacy.

Expect nothing less than total devotion to your case and respect for you and your family. We have made it our mission to serve our clients and hold those liable for their injuries responsible under the law. Ernesto Gonzalez and his team provide personalized, bilingual service and treat every client as they would want their family or loved one treated. Regardless of your economic background, race, religion, or immigration status, we will use every resource at our disposal to fight for you.

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