Dog Bite Injuries


Nobody wants to drag an animal into a legal battle; however, dog bite cases are a regular occurrence and should be taken seriously.

After all, thousands of people seek medical attention year after year due to injuries and complications from dog bites. From severe punctures and trauma to potential bacterial infections, it’s advised that anyone suffering from a dog bite seek medical treatment immediately.

But what happens after the bite? What legal action can be taken against the dog’s owner? What are your rights?

Again, dog bite cases are rarely cut and dry; however, that does not mean you should avoid legal action.

Instead, take the time to educate yourself on how the state of Florida handles such cases, as well as your options for a liability lawsuit.


Belgian Shepherd biting a body bite

Liability in Dog Bite Cases

In the state of Florida, if someone’s dog bites you, the owner of that dog is always liable. Despite popular belief, you do not have to prove that the owner of the dog is necessarily negligent. Regardless, the owner is responsible for any injuries caused by the dog.

That being said, your case will be much easier to deal with if you can clearly outline the circumstances of the bite to your lawyer. The more detailed information you can provide, the better.

Determining The Circumstances of a Case

To build the strongest case possible, you should be able to bring the following information to your lawyer upon presenting your claim:

Do you know who owns the dog? Is it someone you have a relationship with?

  • Were there any witnesses to the bite?
  • At what location did the bite take place?
  • Was the dog provoked in any way?
  • Did the dog bite result in any additional injuries?

Determining the owner of the dog in question can help streamline the process of delegating liability. Again, Florida is a “strict liability” state and the owner is liable regardless. As in any legal case, having witnesses can clear up any foggy details concerning your bite which may be relevant in the courtroom.

The biggest question-marks in most dog bite cases are as follows: was the dog provoked and was the claimant of the bite lawfully on the property where the bite took place? For example, there’s a stark difference between a dog biting a trespasser on someone’s property versus a dog biting someone during their morning jog.

In the case of the former, liability is much more difficult to prove and you may not be entitled to damages if you were on the owner’s property unlawfully. In the latter case, however, liability is clearer if the dog was not being kept on a leash or restrained properly.

Finally, if you suffer additional harm as a result of your dog bite (such as injuries related to falling or stress-induced trauma), the owner may also be liable for these injuries as well.

Have Questions About Your Case?

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