Keeping yourself safe while bicycling is of the utmost importance. But in a city like Los Angeles, where cars vastly outnumber bicycles, the chances are stacked against you. You or even a fellow cyclist may be involved in a collision with a car at a certain point.

You can better defend yourself or the rights of a friend or partner who may have been seriously wounded if you know what you must do right away.

The mentioned checklist by Ernesto Gonzalez Law can assist in keeping order and protecting vital documents:


What to Do After a Bike Accident?

Following things are recommended by Ernesto Gonzalez Law after a Bike Accident.

  • Wait for the Police After Bike Accident

If anyone was hurt or land was damaged, the law requires you and the other driver to stay at the scene. Wait for the cops to arrive, even though you don’t think you’re hurt. It could be some time before you realize you’ve been hurt. If you quit the scene, it could be impossible to identify the driver.

  • Never Negotiate with the Motorist

Regardless of whether the driver admits fault and apologizes, you shouldn’t try to negotiate with them. It’s possible that your injury problems and bike damage are worse than you think, and that the other driver will afterward change their story and claim that nothing happened.

  • Get Driver Information

Talk to the driver and get their identity, address, mobile number, personal identification numbers, license plate number, vehicle manufacturer, and life insurance number.

  • Get Witness Contact Information

Document the names and contact information of any potential witnesses.

Take careful note of the time, place, and circumstances of the accident, including the nature of the road, the volume of traffic, and the weather. Document everything right away. Take the time to sketch out a plan, complete with labels showing where everyone is and where they need to go. Besides, you need to incorporate roads, markers, and signals. Take pictures of the scene, any injuries, as well as the vehicle(s) involved when you or a fellow rider has a smartphone camera.

  • Ensure that the Police Take Your Report

The officers often care more about documenting a driver’s account of an incident than a cyclist’s. Ensure that your account of the incident is reflected in the document. Don’t ignore any kind of injury, no matter how trivial it seems (it may develop into something major later on). It is possible to request a report revision if you are unable to have your declaration included within the document at the scene. The number of the report of the incident should be noted down in any situation.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention and Don’t Forget to Document Your Injuries

Seek medical attention without delay, even though your injuries don’t seem serious. Take pictures of wounds and document symptoms for a few days.

  • Preserve Evidence of Bicycle Accident

Don’t throw away or wash any worn or stained items of clothing. Don’t get your bike fixed or replace any broken parts. First, take pictures and keep a written record of the destruction if fixing it is a necessity.

  • Do not Negotiate with Insurance Company and Call Bicycle Accident Attorney

Once you have all of the data ready to prove your claim, the car’s insurance provider may call and try to settle. Try to avoid dealing with health insurers in any way you can.

  • Seek Advice from a Bike Accident Attorney

Avoid dealing with your insurance provider until you have spoken with a bicycle accident lawyer. Everything that you say to an insurance company could be used against you in the future. In the case of a lawsuit, your lawyer can act as your representative while communicating with the insurance company, finding and hiring a motorcycle accident professional to examine the incident, and drafting and filing the necessary legal documents.

Keep in mind that as a bicyclist, you are held to the same standards as motorists. Bicyclists have a right to use the road, and motorists should be aware of their presence in order to avoid collisions; however, it is also your greatest advantage to take the necessary precautions following an accident.

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