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Personal Injury Lawyer, Ernesto Gonzalez

Personal injury cases are cases where the negligence or intentional acts or omissions of a person or corporation causes an injury to another person. Although most personal injury cases result from traffic accidents, many personal injury cases are not related to auto accidents at all. Personal injury cases that do not involve a motor vehicle accident include premises liability (slip-and-fall) cases, dog bite cases, and product liability cases (although product liability claims may arise in the context of a traffic accident).

When a personal injury is endured, legal representation can help. We strive to bring our clients justice so they receive full and just compensation for injury, financial losses, pain and suffering, and other hardships. At the Law Offices of Ernesto Gonzalez we will fight for your rights to get you the settlement that you deserve. We are persistent and at times, aggressive negotiators with insurance companies to uphold the best interests of clients.

For the initial visit involved in any case, if a client has experienced serious injuries and is unable to travel to our office, firm founder and attorney, Ernesto Gonzalez will meet the client at a hospital, clinic, personal residence or another location that is more convenient. All personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

Every member of the firm is committed to serving those who have been wronged by others. Our experience in representing clients throughout the Orlando area on these cases provides us with a solid understanding of personal injury issues including:


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Wrongful Death

In cases of wrongful death, we bring justice to families to preserve the memories of people who have died as a result of someone else’s negligence. During a time of grief, we understand the difficulty a legal matter can cause for clients. We make the process of a settlement less burdensome.

Dog Bites

In Florida, if someone else’s dog bites you, the owner of the other dog is liable, no matter what. Under this strict doctrine of liability, you do not even have to show that the dog owner is negligent. The dog’s owner is responsible for the damage that the dog caused.

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Clients might not be aware that a fall was the fault of another party. Usually, people blame themselves and do to consider the possibility of someone else’s negligence. The business owner of a premise is responsible for removing hazards or to post a sign to use caution and watch out for something like food, water or anything else unusual on a floor. While businesses are not automatically liable, they do have to make a reasonable effort.

Car and Traffic Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes for personal injury cases. You only have a small window where you are able to make a claim, so getting into contact with a professional personal injury attorney is crucial in ensuring that you get what you deserve.

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